Enjoyment / World Cuisine

Manzanilla is one of the most cosmopolitan wines there is.

Some of world’s greatest chefs sing the praises of Manzanilla and it triumphs on menus around the world in every style of cuisine imaginable. From East to West, here are some ideas to spark your creativity…and your appetite!


Manzanilla is truly at home in Japanese cuisine. In fact, it strikes an amazing harmony with sushi and sashimi but also pairs exceptionally well with vegetable or seafood tempura. The same goes for soups: dashi with its flaked tuna garnish or with the classic miso soup.


Stuffed dough recipes such as dim sum, wonton or gyoza pair well with Manzanilla, particularly the fish or vegetable variety. Manzanilla is also a winner with traditional rice noodle soups and the refreshing dryness of Manzanilla makes spring rolls even tastier!

The Middle East

The fresh, aromatic cuisine of the Middle East finds its perfect match with Manzanilla and in particular, dishes with higher acidity like hummus, tabbouleh or the delicious fattoush salad. It also pairs exceptionally well with falafel or as an aperitif with a plate of meze.


Has it ever occurred to you to have a glass of Manzanilla with your pizza? Well, if not, it’s about time to turn your run-of-the-mill menu into something special. Try other Italian specialities like Neapolitan spaghetti and clams tossed with pesto or al aglio or one of our favourites, fusilli alla Norma. All are amazing with Manzanilla.


One of the most popular dishes in Arabic cuisine, couscous, is super-delicious with Manzanilla. Other Moroccan specialities pair to perfection too, like fish tagine, the traditional bissara, a broad bean purée with olive oil, or zaalouk, an aubergine salad.


Few wines are as well-suited to ceviche as Manzanilla. A fish and seafood flavour enhancer, Manzanilla softens the acidity of the citrus. Lesser known but just as perfect is Manzanilla paired with ají de gallina, a typical Peruvian chicken stew.