Korean Tapas


1 large sweet potato
50 g glutinous rice flour
10 g walnuts
50 ml milk
1/2 tbsp salt
3 walnuts
1/2 lotus root
1 small crab
Olive oil
1/2 soft persimmon
1 tbsp chilli sauce



Blend the walnuts in a blender and add the diced sweet potato. Add the milk and blend until smooth.

Add salt to the rice flour and stir into the mixture.

Fry the ginkgo nuts with a dash of oil and set aside.

Cook the tortita mixture to taste.

Serve the tortitas on a plate and decorate with the walnuts.

Lotus root

Peel the lotus root and chop finely.

Rinse and remove excess water with a tea towel.

Fry the pieces (160°C) until golden brown.

The crab

Wash the crab in cold water until clean.

Fry until crispy.

Cut the persimmon in half and remove the seeds.

Strain the persimmon through a sieve and add the chilli sauce.

Add the sauce to the crab.

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