Enjoyment / Rebujito

This is one of Spain’s most popular mixed drinks, even more so in Andalusia during the fairs that are celebrated throughout the region.

But its popularity has now spread far beyond Spain’s borders, to such an extent that The New York Times named it “The Best Summer Drink of All Time”. What is not so well known is that the Rebujito actually originated from an English cocktail known as the Sherry Cobbler, created in the 1800’s and immensely popular in the Victorian Age. Here’s how to make the perfect Rebujito:

Classic Rebujito

Ingredients (makes 6 servings)

  • 75 ml Manzanilla
  • 500 ml carbonated lemon-lime soft drink (think Sprite or similar)
  • 4 stems of mint leaves
  • A generous amount of ice


Choose a large pitcher and mix the liquid ingredients together. Then add the mint leaves that have been removed from their stems. Allow the mint leaves to infuse their aroma into the beverage for a few minutes. Lastly, add the ice, stir again and serve in tall, slender glasses.

Did you know?

Seville loves Manzanilla

No other time of the year is more Rebujito served than at Seville’s April Fair. The springtime festivities last for an entire week and the aroma of Manzanilla greets you at every turn.

Seville’s passion for Manzanilla follows the course of the Guadalquivir River. That passion is still alive today, even after centuries of history that marked the beginning of this long-lived love affair: the expeditions to the New World.